ZipZone Dahilayan Adventure Park

Location:  Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
Date:  November 2010

Just late last year, Albert (my OFW-friend from Singapore), gave me and a couple more friends an extraordinary pasalubong treat, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the PhilippinesAsia’s Longest Dual Zipline at ZipZone Dahilayan Adventure Park. Many of you have probably been there but anyways, here’s another story of mine.

On our way to Manolo Fortich, we simply rode on a PUJ, of course, you can always book Zipzone and enjoy their package offers which includes free transportation from CDO to Bukidnon, back and forth.

As we arrived at Bukidnon, we made our initial joy-ride adventure by hopping in to two habalhabal (improvised motorcycles) on our way to Dahilayan. It was totally fun as we felt the cool breeze while enjoying the views of pineapple farms everywhere.

pineapple farm along the way

Dahilayan Adventure Park entrance

We arrived late and had to take the lunch break at Forest Park, just a stroll away from Zipzone.  We had the pleasure of taking photos, especially with all the trees and dummy animals all over the place. After spending ample time there, we got back to knock our socks off for the three-ride adventure!Entrance at Dahilayan Adventures

The 320-m ride was a mixture of unease and excitement since we had to overcome our fear as first-timers. Then we proceeded with the 150-m ride, both of these were done in an upright, hanging position.  It was indeed awesome, plus we got wet by the rain as we hiked back for the final ride.

320m ride

150m ride

We waited for the vehicle that will head us to a higher altitude at a certain place. Finally, we got so excited as we wore the gear needed before the ride. As soon as the crew instructed us to get ready, we took our cams at once.

gearing up for the 840m ride

ready to fly for the 840m ride

5-4-3-2-1 and all we did was scream at the top of our lungs, as we flew 4,700 ft. above sea level and felt the 90kph wind speed at our faces! Did I mention we also enjoyed the breathtaking views of the mountains and pines everywhere?

up up and away!

donzzy flying the 840m ride!

a breathtaking view, indeed!

Having fun, eh!

Taking Off

Time to take off and we hurriedly checked our faces and chose which ones should be printed. Woah, “I conquered Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline!“, was the caption on our certificates.

Albert: I Conquered Asia's Longest Dual Zipline!

Once again, I’d like to thank Albert for this adrenaline-rush treat! For more info about Dahilayan Adventures, visit their site at

More pictures below at Forest Park (click to enlarge):



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4 Responses to ZipZone Dahilayan Adventure Park

  1. albert says:

    thanks donz! this was a great adventure so far and memorable one!and also you never notice your helping Bukidnon on its tourism to be a nice travel destination.This is it!!!!!Blog more!!! more power!!!!!Pow10x!

  2. donzzy says:

    thanks for dropping by bert! of course, we should love Bukidnon – help promote the place via Share Button! You should start blogging too!

  3. albert says:

    where is the share button? Guys visit bukidnon. Donz, hope you can go to celebrate Kaamulan Festival. coming soon!

  4. donzzy says:

    Bert,it’s located just below the blog entry itself. LOL. You can share this via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc.! 🙂 Thanks again!

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