Make Your Twitter Profile Transparent

I’m pretty sure it does ring a bell when you hear some famous artist on TV saying like, “Follow me on twitter at…” Undoubtedly, twitter has become more popular nowadays.

Most newbie-tweeters log on via the native website, And since some people would say that twitter’s UI (user interface) is rather simple, is there something you could do to enhance the look-and-feel or perhaps impress your followers? Apparently, there is! Try to make your profile page transparent.

Follow this simple procedure below.

Step 1. Log on to Twitter

Click on your account icon at the topmost-right portion, then choose “Settings”. Click on the “Design” tab. This leads you to

Step 2. Highlight and copy the code

javascript:document.getElementById("user_profile_sidebar_fill_color").value = '';document.getElementById("title_theme").innerHTML;void(0);
Step 3. Paste the code


Click on the address bar once and press backspace. Paste the code  and hit Enter.

NOTE: Just in case your browser omits the word “javascript:”, you need to manually type it on the address bar before hitting the Enter key.

Step 4. Additional settings

Depending on your background image or design, you might need to change the color for your text settings to make it readable. Just click “Change design color” then choose “Text” section.

Choose your color which fits the background. (Tip: lighter color for a darker background and darker one for a lighter background)

Click “Save Changes”.

Step 5. See the results!

Finally click the “Home” tab to see the changes. If you’re still not happy with the results, you could always go back to the “Design” page by clicking the “Back” command on your browser and make further adjustments.

That’s it – you now have a transparent side-bar! Visit my other twitter tips entry, too!


About Donzzy
Donzzy is a blogger from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines who wants to expand his network to cliques of people via various social media sites. He likes to share about simple computer-related tips, gadgets, social media, technology, music, movies, and entertainment stuff.

14 Responses to Make Your Twitter Profile Transparent

  1. Actiongirl_Fiza says:

    hey cool..!! only this helped frm all else…!! thnx a lot lot..!!

    ~~follow me on twitter: Actiongirl_Fiza((GAme LOVeR))

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  3. notya says:

    it doesnt work and i have a picture and the picture does not come up?

    • Donzzy says:

      Which part? Please check the important note found in Step 3, if you’re using Chrome. Make sure also that JavaScript is allowed. 🙂

  4. Dwanae says:

    YESS!! Finally It Worked I Used The Opera Browserr 🙂

  5. it works on my opera browser 🙂 thaaankkks ♥

  6. will this still work in 2012?

    • Donzzy says:

      Hello Kaitlynn! It’s doesn’t work anymore at the moment. I tried using Chrome only and I think twitter can no longer support this kind of script.

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