How to Add Album Art in iTunes for Your iPod/iPhone

20110328-030306.jpg We all love music, and listening to it just completes our day. However, it feels a lot better to listen to all your favorite tracks with their album art included. An album art is a small photo corresponding to the track, more often than not, a CD cover of the album or single.

So what can you do to those tracks without album art? Follow this simple procedure:

1.  Connect your iPod/iPhone to iTunes with your computer.

2. On the bottom-left area enable album art by clicking the fourth icon.

3. On the Music section, search any artist or manually scroll down the tracks without their album art. See snapshot below:


4. Now open your browser to start searching the artist or track name.

5. Right-click on the image and save it in a folder in your computer, say, “My Album Art.”

6. Open both the iTunes and the My Album Art windows side-by-side by disabling the maximize mode.

7. Now you can drag the album art image from your folder to the track(s) of your choice. To do this for multiple tracks on the same artist, press Ctrl-A on iTunes, then drag the image from your folder at once.

8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 until all your chosen tracks already have their album art!

You’d surely be happy with the results! Looks like you got all your tracks from iTunes or Amazon! : )


About Donzzy
Donzzy is a blogger from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines who wants to expand his network to cliques of people via various social media sites. He likes to share about simple computer-related tips, gadgets, social media, technology, music, movies, and entertainment stuff.

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