Who’s Excited for Windows 8?

Today’s technology seems to upgrade and revamp every now and then. Microsoft is undeniably one of the leading companies in the field of producing advanced computers. Before, I could still remember when I first used MS Wordstar and Lotus 123, then (LOL!). But now, even smartphones and other gadgets come in handy with native office applications.

So, I’m guessing most of you are using Windows 7, right? Well, as for me, the OS is relatively fast, has a decent interface (I like its Gadgets!), but sometimes it does cause some glitches along the way. That is why Bill Gates and his team is set to release Windows 8, sooner than later. 

So, should we be excited? Are all the bugs in Windows 7 going to be fixed by Windows 8? Here’s a clip which their team has already revealed for us to look forward to.

Disclaimer: This entry does not, in any way, promote Microsoft or any of its products and services. : )


About Donzzy
Donzzy is a blogger from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines who wants to expand his network to cliques of people via various social media sites. He likes to share about simple computer-related tips, gadgets, social media, technology, music, movies, and entertainment stuff.

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