Relieve Eye Fatigue Caused by Computer Monitor

After finishing up a hard day’s work, many of us come home bleary-eyed with a raging headache — but we don’t have to. In this digitally-inclined era, most people spend the lion’s share of a work day online, parked in front of a computer. And all of that online activity — from digging through a bloated inbox to tinkering around in a spreadsheet — means staring at a bright, back-lit screen for hours on end.

Common complaints like red, irritated eyes, headaches, neck pain, and blurred vision are all underlying symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, a widespread medical condition  common in these high tech times. Unfortunately, going home doesn’t exactly spell relief; odds are you unwind in front of a screen too. Since you’re probably not going to be giving up that iPad or 60″ HDTV any time soon, you may want to consider finding ways to give your eyes a break.

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About Donzzy
Donzzy is a blogger from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines who wants to expand his network to cliques of people via various social media sites. He likes to share about simple computer-related tips, gadgets, social media, technology, music, movies, and entertainment stuff.

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