How to Create a Facebook Cover with Instagram Photos

If you love Facebook and at the same time you post your day-to-day photos with Intagram, then here’s a great tool for you! You can change your Facebook cover photo using a collage of your Instagram photos. As of the moment, only iOS devices can use Instagram, but Android users shall have it pretty soon. For the meantime, you may still use this tip by browsing from other users’ photos.

Here’s a quick procedure on how to replace your Facebook cover: Read more of this post

How to Add Photo Effects Using Google Picasa

I’ve always been fond of photo-editing, though I must say I don’t really have those super-powers in Photoshop. Before uploading to my social networks, I always see to it that as much as possible the photos are all decent and presentable enough to my audience. There are hundreds of effective tools to do this, and one of my personal favorites happens to be Google’s Picasa.

Picasa’s UI is best for beginners and experts alike. The basics of photo adjustments such as crop, straighten, redeye, auto contrast, auto color, retouch or its famous “I’m feeling lucky” tool are all available in this freeware.

You can also make use of  highlights vs. shadows and change the color temperature of the photo – do these in just a single click!

I’m sure you love adding effects to your photos. You can easily do these like adding sepia, black & white, film grain, tint, saturation soft focus and more.

Recently, Picasa updated with more photo filters, which is one of the reasons why I love this app very much. Enjoy using the following famous filters such as lomo, cross process, orton, holga and HDR, vignette, focal zoom, pencil sketch, polaroid, pixelate, and more.

Here’s more! After you’re done with the editing and organizing of photos, you are ready to share and tag them right away! Did I mention you can also upload your videos through YouTube?

See samples below.

Download Picasa now!

Some HD Cover Photos for Facebook Profile

Facebook has always been revamping. Whether we like it or not, we really can’t blame Mark Zuckerberg, can we? One recent change is the so-called Facebook timeline, though I’ve known from some of my friends that this feature is yet to be anticipated for their accounts. Just so you know, you might want to change your cover photos by trying any of these below.

I personally edited these photos from my wallpaper collection. Facebook actually requires cover photos to have a 850X315-pixel dimension or its similar variations, otherwise you’ll have to deal with unwanted results. Click each thumbnail to enlarge before downloading.

Download TweetDeck – Now Available As A Native Windows And Mac App

Are you a fan of TweetDeck but not so hot on Adobe AIR? If so, then mark today on your calendars, because Twitter just made you very, very happy by killing the Adobe AIR version of the popular Twitter app and replacing it with native Mac and Windows versions.

TweetDeck made its name originally by being a cross-platform Twitter application that ran on Adobe’s AIR platform. Adobe AIR was an attempt to make it possible for developers to code one version of an application and have it run on many platforms, be that the Mac, PC or otherwise.

Continue reading here.

(Credits to Redmondpie)

Update Your Facebook Status in 60,000 Characters

 Today, I read an RSS feed from Mashable, sharing me a heads up that the biggest social network apparently allows you to update your status in exactly 63,206 characters! Well, I’m not really an “FB status addict” who regularly updates posts such as my whereabouts (I use Foursquare for that), my daily activities (check out my GetGlue network), my thoughts on certain issues (follow me on Twitter), post some funny photos (I use Google+ or Tumblr for animated GIFs), or perhaps any other trivial stuff which I can easily think of. As what Mashable says, “This also goes for group messages and posts on your friends’ walls — so you can now annoy the heck out of them with unreasonably long catch-up messages.”

But of course, I could definitely make use of this feature in no time. Perhaps I would like to narrate a short story (or make that a novel, LOL), and it really makes me feel great if all my Facebook friends could read it. Or better yet, I’d like to post on a certain group about a very special meeting with the lAnyways, here’s the official info-graph recently posted by Facebook representative, Vadim Lavrusik.

What do you think of this new feature guys? Is this really that necessary?

Add All Google Services in One Browser

Check out this another cool extension for us, avid Chrome-lovers! Choose from 160 Google services to show up as buttons in a space-saving popup. This is the official Firefox extension by the way, now available for Google Chrome.

This displays all Google services as buttons in a space-saving popup next to your address bar. Reach services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and many more in just two clicks from your browser.

Download the Chrome extension here!

Customize Your Google Plus URL

 I noticed that my Google Plus URL is too long to remember since it consists mostly of digits. So I searched for articles on how to have the so-called vanity URL for my Google+ profile. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t released any official statement on how to do this. However, comes to the rescue – a powerful workaround to change your G+ URL to a simpler and shorter way!  Read more of this post

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