Here Are Some Of The Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Try On iOS 6

So out of curiosity, I decided to take the risk of jailbreaking my iDevice with the latest iOS 6.1. I was kind of astonished, the jailbreak process took only at about 10 mins. or so – probably because I updated my iOS 6.1 OTA. Yes, I refused to follow the step-by-step process which was to restore the latest firmware via iTunes, which was again, due to my curiosity’s sake.

One of the major benefits of jailbroken device is installing tweaks. So here’s a list of some Cydia tweaks you might want to try out:  Read more of this post

Restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without Power Button

So I felt the need to document this journal as part of my “techie-side-of-life”. The thing is, it was rather funny and at the same time, challenging how I was able to pull off my dilemma on troubleshooting an iDevice. (Skip to the procedure below if you’re not in the mood to read my hilarious story, lol!)

I took a glance at my friend’s jailbroken iTouch 3G to see what apps she has. I noticed that her lockscreen theme looked off with the Weather Elements as the wallpaper. So I tried to install a Winterboard theme called Slider Remover from Modmyi. So after respringing the device, indeed the lock slider thingy disappeared, but wait — including the one from Weather Elements!? And I thought anxiously, “What happened? This can’t be serious, I can’t unlock the iTouch!” Read more of this post

How To Download Entire Folders From Dropbox To Your Android Device | Redmond Pie

I’m a fan of Android and Dropbox as well. Though I also have other cloud storage accounts like Skydrive, Box and 4shared, Dropbox serves my daily tech needs ar the moment.

Today I found another cool tip for Androiders. Click Redmondpie’s link below for the whole story.

How to Create a Facebook Cover with Instagram Photos

If you love Facebook and at the same time you post your day-to-day photos with Intagram, then here’s a great tool for you! You can change your Facebook cover photo using a collage of your Instagram photos. As of the moment, only iOS devices can use Instagram, but Android users shall have it pretty soon. For the meantime, you may still use this tip by browsing from other users’ photos.

Here’s a quick procedure on how to replace your Facebook cover: Read more of this post

Transform Windows to Mac OS

In my previous entries, I posted how to transform your Windows OS to Ubuntu as well as to Android themes using skin packs. Now, it’s time to share one of my personal favorites, the Mac OS Lion Skin Pack! I’m not really a die-hard Apple fanatic, I just love the look-and-feel of this “magical” transformation.

Take a look at the following latest improvements added by Deviant artist, hameddanger. Actually I updated my previously installed skin pack from v. 10 to v. 12. I noticed that some bugs were already fixed like the Rocketdock problem and some other issues.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Available for Windows XP and 7DOWNLOAD THE SKIN PACK HERE!

Add All Google Services in One Browser

Check out this another cool extension for us, avid Chrome-lovers! Choose from 160 Google services to show up as buttons in a space-saving popup. This is the official Firefox extension by the way, now available for Google Chrome.

This displays all Google services as buttons in a space-saving popup next to your address bar. Reach services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and many more in just two clicks from your browser.

Download the Chrome extension here!

Customize Your Google Plus URL

 I noticed that my Google Plus URL is too long to remember since it consists mostly of digits. So I searched for articles on how to have the so-called vanity URL for my Google+ profile. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t released any official statement on how to do this. However, comes to the rescue – a powerful workaround to change your G+ URL to a simpler and shorter way!  Read more of this post

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