The Avengers: My Short Movie Review + Free HD Wallpapers

Around the globe, the Philippines was one of the lucky countries to watch Marvel’s The Avengers which premiered last April 25th. America shall soon have a taste of this blockbuster flick this coming 4th of May. And when that day comes, audiences of all ages would consider watching it again perhaps, for the second, third or how many times s/he wants. [spoiler alert!]

Since I’m not really an acclaimed movie critic, forgive me for this brief review on the film. The story is basically about six Earth defenders (namely, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow and The Hulk) assembled by Nick Fury, director of the armistice agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate), to defeat the exiled god, Loki as the villain of the movie.

The main dilemma revolves along apprehending Loki, who got hold of the Tesseract (a source of unlimited energy that can open up a portal through space). It was kept under guard by S.H.I.E.L.D to make sure that it didn’t fall in to the wrong hands. The Avengers, hardly collaborates into one solid team at first, especially when Hawkeye got possessed by Loki’s power. Nick Fury tells the Avengers that the power of the Tesseract will be used to allow the Chittauri army enter the Earth, thus attacking the human race. Read more of this post

Control Your Android Music Player with Wave Control

Today I stumbled upon another cool app for ‘Droid users. A lot of us love to play music everyday, whether via Bluetooth, headset or plain loud speakers. Every morning I put on my device to loud speaker, grooving to the coolest beats while prepping for work. So every time I wanted to skip some tracks, I had to press the home button and tap “next”, which makes it quite cumbersome especially if I just came from shower with dripping hands. Good thing Wave Control is ready to be of service; it allows me to control any music app through proximity sensor.

The following video shows how the app works. Read more of this post

How to Create a Facebook Cover with Instagram Photos

If you love Facebook and at the same time you post your day-to-day photos with Intagram, then here’s a great tool for you! You can change your Facebook cover photo using a collage of your Instagram photos. As of the moment, only iOS devices can use Instagram, but Android users shall have it pretty soon. For the meantime, you may still use this tip by browsing from other users’ photos.

Here’s a quick procedure on how to replace your Facebook cover: Read more of this post

SXSW 2012: Instagram May Finally Be Coming To Android | WebProNews

Tonight I searched for the keywords “Instagram Android news” and luckily it shows that this famous photo-sharing iOS app may soon touch the fingertips of Androiders. Sure there are other potential competitors over the Market, but undeniably “majority of fans look up to someone who is popular, right”?

Read on the full article below and see for yourself about its exact (or probably not) ETA.

How To View and Share Files up to 50GB

Box app

I’m sure you’ve heard about Dropbox or Skydrive for your cloud storage needs. However, you might want to grab another competitor app which offers a whopping 50GB, absolutely FREE! Now here’s the catch.

The app must be downloaded by an Android device and you need to register or log in from now through March 23, 2012 to receive the upgrade. Well, iOS lovers could probably wait for any future announcements for the same upgrade.

Download Box for Android here:

Text While Walking (Android App)

So I happened to stumble upon TechCrunch‘s blog and found a cool app which Android users would really like – Transparent Screen. Simply put – it makes your smartphone “transparent” in a way that you can see through using the camera.

This is definitely useful for people who love texting (or tweeting, LOL) while on the move. Others find it as a fun app. I find the notification icon quite off. Since it’s kind of fresh, expect to encounter some bugs. Well, let’s just hope its developer shall give us updates. Nonetheless, I’d definitely give this app a thumbs up!

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How to Add Photo Effects Using Google Picasa

I’ve always been fond of photo-editing, though I must say I don’t really have those super-powers in Photoshop. Before uploading to my social networks, I always see to it that as much as possible the photos are all decent and presentable enough to my audience. There are hundreds of effective tools to do this, and one of my personal favorites happens to be Google’s Picasa.

Picasa’s UI is best for beginners and experts alike. The basics of photo adjustments such as crop, straighten, redeye, auto contrast, auto color, retouch or its famous “I’m feeling lucky” tool are all available in this freeware.

You can also make use of  highlights vs. shadows and change the color temperature of the photo – do these in just a single click!

I’m sure you love adding effects to your photos. You can easily do these like adding sepia, black & white, film grain, tint, saturation soft focus and more.

Recently, Picasa updated with more photo filters, which is one of the reasons why I love this app very much. Enjoy using the following famous filters such as lomo, cross process, orton, holga and HDR, vignette, focal zoom, pencil sketch, polaroid, pixelate, and more.

Here’s more! After you’re done with the editing and organizing of photos, you are ready to share and tag them right away! Did I mention you can also upload your videos through YouTube?

See samples below.

Download Picasa now!

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