How to Create a Facebook Cover with Instagram Photos

If you love Facebook and at the same time you post your day-to-day photos with Intagram, then here’s a great tool for you! You can change your Facebook cover photo using a collage of your Instagram photos. As of the moment, only iOS devices can use Instagram, but Android users shall have it pretty soon. For the meantime, you may still use this tip by browsing from other users’ photos.

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Text While Walking (Android App)

So I happened to stumble upon TechCrunch‘s blog and found a cool app which Android users would really like – Transparent Screen. Simply put – it makes your smartphone “transparent” in a way that you can see through using the camera.

This is definitely useful for people who love texting (or tweeting, LOL) while on the move. Others find it as a fun app. I find the notification icon quite off. Since it’s kind of fresh, expect to encounter some bugs. Well, let’s just hope its developer shall give us updates. Nonetheless, I’d definitely give this app a thumbs up!

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Some HD Cover Photos for Facebook Profile

Facebook has always been revamping. Whether we like it or not, we really can’t blame Mark Zuckerberg, can we? One recent change is the so-called Facebook timeline, though I’ve known from some of my friends that this feature is yet to be anticipated for their accounts. Just so you know, you might want to change your cover photos by trying any of these below.

I personally edited these photos from my wallpaper collection. Facebook actually requires cover photos to have a 850X315-pixel dimension or its similar variations, otherwise you’ll have to deal with unwanted results. Click each thumbnail to enlarge before downloading.

Optimize Your Google Plus Experience

So, I’ve come up with some of the coolest Google Plus tricks and tips from Google itself and from other sites. These are definitely of great use for most of us, social media freaks!

Before anything else, most of these extensions work on Google Chrome browser, so have it installed now if you don’t have one yet.

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Better Facebook Viewing

Better Facebook is an extension that greatly enhances your Facebook experience and makes the site easier to use by adding a ton of great functionality – Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, tracking of new comments to old posts, hiding of posts you’ve already read, un-friend tracking, enhanced navigation, quick links to My Pages, My Groups, My Events, group activity monitoring, friend profile info monitoring, static header bar (my personal favorite!), auto-expand similar posts, auto-click Older Posts, custom CSS/Skins, and more! With this extension, you can enjoy a Better Facebook!”

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Google Plus and Twitter in One

More often than not, most twitter lovers already have Google+ accounts. Aside from any other social networks that you already have, it does take some time to browse your twitter timeline and then check your G+ stream.  So, how about integrating your Twitter timeline to your Google+ profile?

Follow the simple procedure below.

Step 1Click here for the link install Twitter for Google+.  Read more of this post

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