How to Install iOS6 Google Maps (Any Country)


Do you miss your iOS4 or 5’s Google Maps? I do. Google Maps for iOS6 has quite been available, but to a limited number of countries at the moment. Unfortunately, iTunes Philippines is included among the list of “unfortunate” stores to enjoy this app. So, after a very extensive research on every possible way just to download the app, I finally found the perfect method — as easy as 1-2-3!

So how can you get Google Maps on your iOS6 device? Well, change your iTunes account region by following this procedure:  Read more of this post

Download Torrents Straight to Your Android Phone Using µTorrent App

I admit, I’m a download-junkie – whether it’s an MP3, AVI, PDF, APK, IPA, ZIP/RAR or whatever it is. One of my major download resources is none other than torrent sites. And since I am also dependent with my smartphone, I also enjoy downloading such files without accessing a desktop computer.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads up I just got today. If you have an Android device, go ahead and give µTorrent a try. It’s still in beta but it’s totally free!

Google Play link HERE.

Restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without Power Button

So I felt the need to document this journal as part of my “techie-side-of-life”. The thing is, it was rather funny and at the same time, challenging how I was able to pull off my dilemma on troubleshooting an iDevice. (Skip to the procedure below if you’re not in the mood to read my hilarious story, lol!)

I took a glance at my friend’s jailbroken iTouch 3G to see what apps she has. I noticed that her lockscreen theme looked off with the Weather Elements as the wallpaper. So I tried to install a Winterboard theme called Slider Remover from Modmyi. So after respringing the device, indeed the lock slider thingy disappeared, but wait — including the one from Weather Elements!? And I thought anxiously, “What happened? This can’t be serious, I can’t unlock the iTouch!” Read more of this post

How To View and Share Files up to 50GB

Box app

I’m sure you’ve heard about Dropbox or Skydrive for your cloud storage needs. However, you might want to grab another competitor app which offers a whopping 50GB, absolutely FREE! Now here’s the catch.

The app must be downloaded by an Android device and you need to register or log in from now through March 23, 2012 to receive the upgrade. Well, iOS lovers could probably wait for any future announcements for the same upgrade.

Download Box for Android here:

How to Add Photo Effects Using Google Picasa

I’ve always been fond of photo-editing, though I must say I don’t really have those super-powers in Photoshop. Before uploading to my social networks, I always see to it that as much as possible the photos are all decent and presentable enough to my audience. There are hundreds of effective tools to do this, and one of my personal favorites happens to be Google’s Picasa.

Picasa’s UI is best for beginners and experts alike. The basics of photo adjustments such as crop, straighten, redeye, auto contrast, auto color, retouch or its famous “I’m feeling lucky” tool are all available in this freeware.

You can also make use of  highlights vs. shadows and change the color temperature of the photo – do these in just a single click!

I’m sure you love adding effects to your photos. You can easily do these like adding sepia, black & white, film grain, tint, saturation soft focus and more.

Recently, Picasa updated with more photo filters, which is one of the reasons why I love this app very much. Enjoy using the following famous filters such as lomo, cross process, orton, holga and HDR, vignette, focal zoom, pencil sketch, polaroid, pixelate, and more.

Here’s more! After you’re done with the editing and organizing of photos, you are ready to share and tag them right away! Did I mention you can also upload your videos through YouTube?

See samples below.

Download Picasa now!

Transform Windows 7 to Android

 Google’s Android devices are undoubtedly growing more and more popular nowadays. And just recently, I happened to stumble upon a cool Android theme for windows 7! Actually, it’s an skin pack installer which anyone can easily run and enjoy the look-and-feel of Android, without the need to install it!

Below are some of the screen shots taken from my computer. Basically you can still enjoy Windows 7‘s basic Aero features. The main transformations, to name a few, would include the cool Android boot screen, desktop with RocketDock, a significant change in the icons and fonts plus other stuff.

I personally like the shadow-effect that glows every time you point your mouse to certain menu bars or whenever you access your files or folders.  Read more of this post

Mobile Malware – What You Need to Know

Many of us may not be aware about the apps or games we are downloading for our phones nowadays. Are they really legit? What happens once they’re installed after you allow them to access some of your vital information? What are the worst-case scenarios that could happen after such installations? These questions should be answered by reading this infographic article, which I happened to stumble upon.

Check it out! It’s really a good read!

Malware has been a fast growing issue with Android devices as of late. You can find tons of “antivirus” apps in the Android Market and simply traveling into Best Buy you’ll find all kinds of over priced software aimed specifically at naive Android users. Make no qualms about it, I hate malware. There are so many misconceptions regarding viruses, spyware and malware on Android. So, in an effort to further educate our readers, I am happy to bring to you this handy infograph from BullGuard with some easy ways of keeping your device clean, clear and under control…

Read more here!

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