Optimize Your Google Plus Experience

So, I’ve come up with some of the coolest Google Plus tricks and tips from Google itself and from other sites. These are definitely of great use for most of us, social media freaks!

Before anything else, most of these extensions work on Google Chrome browser, so have it installed now if you don’t have one yet.

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Google Plus and Twitter in One

More often than not, most twitter lovers already have Google+ accounts. Aside from any other social networks that you already have, it does take some time to browse your twitter timeline and then check your G+ stream.  So, how about integrating your Twitter timeline to your Google+ profile?

Follow the simple procedure below.

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Optimize Your Chrome!

Which is your favorite internet browser? If your answer is Google Chrome (or perhaps it’s one of your favorites), then you’ve got to optimize it! We all know that we get high on the internet, especially on social media networks. But it’s even great to surf with your browser having an eye-catching wallpaper-like themes, sharing some cool pages or site links to twitter or facebook using the “Share” button, playing some entertaining games like Angry Birds, or better yet watch the newest movie releases instantly with no subscription!

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