Restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without Power Button

So I felt the need to document this journal as part of my “techie-side-of-life”. The thing is, it was rather funny and at the same time, challenging how I was able to pull off my dilemma on troubleshooting an iDevice. (Skip to the procedure below if you’re not in the mood to read my hilarious story, lol!)

I took a glance at my friend’s jailbroken iTouch 3G to see what apps she has. I noticed that her lockscreen theme looked off with the Weather Elements as the wallpaper. So I tried to install a Winterboard theme called Slider Remover from Modmyi. So after respringing the device, indeed the lock slider thingy disappeared, but wait — including the one from Weather Elements!? And I thought anxiously, “What happened? This can’t be serious, I can’t unlock the iTouch!” Read more of this post

Download/Convert YouTube Videos From Google Chrome

Just like what I said under the extension’s “User Reviews”, finally I can download anything such as the latest music videos and convert them into MP3 for my iPod! Unlike before where I need to open Firefox just to grab something from YouTube, well not anymore. Google Chrome recently released this amazing extension (guess, they heard my heartfelt prayer, right? LOL).

Also, one thing I like the most about this extension is that, the MP3 format is in high quality (192 kbps)!

So, what are you waiting forĀ Googlers, install it now here!

How to Add Album Art in iTunes for Your iPod/iPhone

20110328-030306.jpg We all love music, and listening to it just completes our day. However, it feels a lot better to listen to all your favorite tracks with their album art included. An album art is a small photo corresponding to the track, more often than not, a CD cover of the album or single.

So what can you do to those tracks without album art? Follow this simple procedure:

Read more of this post

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