Scroll Lyrics While Playing Songs

In my previous blog, I wrote about how to View Lyrics While Playing Songs. Personally I find it awesome as it automatically searches for the track’s corresponding lyrics. However, this app doesn’t please much to those with poor internet connection (that includes me, :D). I realized that the data fetching takes a while, thus ruining your antsy vibes to squeal your favorite songs.

Well, good thing I found another life-saver for this hassle, especially to us, music lovers. MiniLyrics not only displays but also auto-scrolls the song’s lyrics for you — just like singing a karaoke! Read more of this post

View Lyrics While Playing Songs

In the midst of our busy lives whether at the office or at home, we can’t help but still turn on those speakers together with our favorite media players. And speaking of media players, one of my personal favorites is Winamp (I’m currently using version 5.61 now). Winamp has been very popular for many years now. Just recently, I happened to discover another cool feature from this media player – how to display a song’s lyrics while playing in just a single click! 

But of course, you should have your internet connection in order to enjoy this. Assuming you already have your Winamp installed, follow the simple procedure below. (Not using Winamp? Download it here!Read more of this post

Cool Music Search Engines

“Music is life.” Everyone could probably agree to this one, although it depends on how you define music (since some are already considered noise, instead). But that’s really none of our concern, right? In this entry, I just want to share about some of my favorite search engines for MP3 files.

Now the major issue here is how to get HQ or HD audio music? Below is a list of three cool sites for us, music-lovers!  Read more of this post

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