iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple may have won the battle against Samsung on utheir never-ending patent war. But Sammy says, “Hey Crapple, we’re not through yet!”

Here’s a recent product ad for Galaxy S3, deliberately jabbing its competitor, the recently launched iPhone 5. What are your thoughts?


Text While Walking (Android App)

So I happened to stumble upon TechCrunch‘s blog and found a cool app which Android users would really like – Transparent Screen. Simply put – it makes your smartphone “transparent” in a way that you can see through using the camera.

This is definitely useful for people who love texting (or tweeting, LOL) while on the move. Others find it as a fun app. I find the notification icon quite off. Since it’s kind of fresh, expect to encounter some bugs. Well, let’s just hope its developer shall give us updates. Nonetheless, I’d definitely give this app a thumbs up!

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Mobile Malware – What You Need to Know

Many of us may not be aware about the apps or games we are downloading for our phones nowadays. Are they really legit? What happens once they’re installed after you allow them to access some of your vital information? What are the worst-case scenarios that could happen after such installations? These questions should be answered by reading this infographic article, which I happened to stumble upon.

Check it out! It’s really a good read!

Malware has been a fast growing issue with Android devices as of late. You can find tons of “antivirus” apps in the Android Market and simply traveling into Best Buy you’ll find all kinds of over priced software aimed specifically at naive Android users. Make no qualms about it, I hate malware. There are so many misconceptions regarding viruses, spyware and malware on Android. So, in an effort to further educate our readers, I am happy to bring to you this handy infograph from BullGuard with some easy ways of keeping your device clean, clear and under control…

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