How to Add Photo Effects Using Google Picasa

I’ve always been fond of photo-editing, though I must say I don’t really have those super-powers in Photoshop. Before uploading to my social networks, I always see to it that as much as possible the photos are all decent and presentable enough to my audience. There are hundreds of effective tools to do this, and one of my personal favorites happens to be Google’s Picasa.

Picasa’s UI is best for beginners and experts alike. The basics of photo adjustments such as crop, straighten, redeye, auto contrast, auto color, retouch or its famous “I’m feeling lucky” tool are all available in this freeware.

You can also make use of  highlights vs. shadows and change the color temperature of the photo – do these in just a single click!

I’m sure you love adding effects to your photos. You can easily do these like adding sepia, black & white, film grain, tint, saturation soft focus and more.

Recently, Picasa updated with more photo filters, which is one of the reasons why I love this app very much. Enjoy using the following famous filters such as lomo, cross process, orton, holga and HDR, vignette, focal zoom, pencil sketch, polaroid, pixelate, and more.

Here’s more! After you’re done with the editing and organizing of photos, you are ready to share and tag them right away! Did I mention you can also upload your videos through YouTube?

See samples below.

Download Picasa now!

Some HD Cover Photos for Facebook Profile

Facebook has always been revamping. Whether we like it or not, we really can’t blame Mark Zuckerberg, can we? One recent change is the so-called Facebook timeline, though I’ve known from some of my friends that this feature is yet to be anticipated for their accounts. Just so you know, you might want to change your cover photos by trying any of these below.

I personally edited these photos from my wallpaper collection. Facebook actually requires cover photos to have a 850X315-pixel dimension or its similar variations, otherwise you’ll have to deal with unwanted results. Click each thumbnail to enlarge before downloading.

Get a New Facebook Profile Using SocialPlus

Social Plus for Facebook Browser extensions are so popular nowadays. Recently, I posted about another extension, Better Facebook, which features a lot of cool tweaks and tricks that would surely make your FB profile look better.

However I also happened to stumble upon SocialPlus (or S+), probably a lot better than that of Better Facebook, IMHO, that is. The extension works so well that it’s actually located right beside your “Account” header bar. Also, the look-and-feel results are cleanly done once you start tweaking with the SocialPlus menu options. I think everyone with Facebook account should really install this extension, unless Mark Zuckerberg, sooner than later, realizes to officially integrate the extension.

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Better Facebook Viewing

Better Facebook is an extension that greatly enhances your Facebook experience and makes the site easier to use by adding a ton of great functionality – Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, tracking of new comments to old posts, hiding of posts you’ve already read, un-friend tracking, enhanced navigation, quick links to My Pages, My Groups, My Events, group activity monitoring, friend profile info monitoring, static header bar (my personal favorite!), auto-expand similar posts, auto-click Older Posts, custom CSS/Skins, and more! With this extension, you can enjoy a Better Facebook!”

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Google Plus and Twitter in One

More often than not, most twitter lovers already have Google+ accounts. Aside from any other social networks that you already have, it does take some time to browse your twitter timeline and then check your G+ stream.  So, how about integrating your Twitter timeline to your Google+ profile?

Follow the simple procedure below.

Step 1Click here for the link install Twitter for Google+.  Read more of this post

Facebook Planning for Music Streaming Service

It cannot be denied that Facebook is the leading social media network. So what else is new with Facebook?

Apparently, Facebook is planning to integrate streaming-music services into its platform and will soon have a new option called Music in the site’s left-hand pane. By music service of facebook, users will be able to access a new page called Music Dashboard, allowing them to see what songs have been recommended to them by friends, which tracks friends have been listening to most often and the latest songs played across their social networkRead more of this post

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