How to Create a Facebook Cover with Instagram Photos

If you love Facebook and at the same time you post your day-to-day photos with Intagram, then here’s a great tool for you! You can change your Facebook cover photo using a collage of your Instagram photos. As of the moment, only iOS devices can use Instagram, but Android users shall have it pretty soon. For the meantime, you may still use this tip by browsing from other users’ photos.

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Download TweetDeck – Now Available As A Native Windows And Mac App

Are you a fan of TweetDeck but not so hot on Adobe AIR? If so, then mark today on your calendars, because Twitter just made you very, very happy by killing the Adobe AIR version of the popular Twitter app and replacing it with native Mac and Windows versions.

TweetDeck made its name originally by being a cross-platform Twitter application that ran on Adobe’s AIR platform. Adobe AIR was an attempt to make it possible for developers to code one version of an application and have it run on many platforms, be that the Mac, PC or otherwise.

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(Credits to Redmondpie)

Optimize Your Google Plus Experience

So, I’ve come up with some of the coolest Google Plus tricks and tips from Google itself and from other sites. These are definitely of great use for most of us, social media freaks!

Before anything else, most of these extensions work on Google Chrome browser, so have it installed now if you don’t have one yet.

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Google Plus and Twitter in One

More often than not, most twitter lovers already have Google+ accounts. Aside from any other social networks that you already have, it does take some time to browse your twitter timeline and then check your G+ stream.  So, how about integrating your Twitter timeline to your Google+ profile?

Follow the simple procedure below.

Step 1Click here for the link install Twitter for Google+.  Read more of this post

Make Your Twitter Profile Transparent

I’m pretty sure it does ring a bell when you hear some famous artist on TV saying like, “Follow me on twitter at…” Undoubtedly, twitter has become more popular nowadays.

Most newbie-tweeters log on via the native website, And since some people would say that twitter’s UI (user interface) is rather simple, is there something you could do to enhance the look-and-feel or perhaps impress your followers? Apparently, there is! Try to make your profile page transparent.

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Useful Twitter Tools and Links

Tweeting is even more fun if you know how to explore its features and tools. Here are some of links that I have gathered for your tweeting experience!

Tweet with Symbols (Special Characters)

Share your photos and videos! (photos only)

Tweet for more than 140 characters!

A great way to keep track of followers and non-followers! (my personal favorite!)

Shorten a very long URL! (You don’t want to waste your 140-char limit, right?)

Do you have any twitter tip and tool in mind? Share it!

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