Scroll Lyrics While Playing Songs

In my previous blog, I wrote about how to View Lyrics While Playing Songs. Personally I find it awesome as it automatically searches for the track’s corresponding lyrics. However, this app doesn’t please much to those with poor internet connection (that includes me, :D). I realized that the data fetching takes a while, thus ruining your antsy vibes to squeal your favorite songs.

Well, good thing I found another life-saver for this hassle, especially to us, music lovers. MiniLyrics not only displays but also auto-scrolls the song’s lyrics for you — just like singing a karaoke! Read more of this post

Download TweetDeck – Now Available As A Native Windows And Mac App

Are you a fan of TweetDeck but not so hot on Adobe AIR? If so, then mark today on your calendars, because Twitter just made you very, very happy by killing the Adobe AIR version of the popular Twitter app and replacing it with native Mac and Windows versions.

TweetDeck made its name originally by being a cross-platform Twitter application that ran on Adobe’s AIR platform. Adobe AIR was an attempt to make it possible for developers to code one version of an application and have it run on many platforms, be that the Mac, PC or otherwise.

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(Credits to Redmondpie)

Customize Your Windows Clock, Date & Weather Gadgets

I got tired looking at my boring desktop clock every time I wanted to know how many minutes are left before I hit my coffee break. I also feel uncomfortable with the orange calendar. The native weather gadget is, well, kind of okay. But then I wanted to search for something distinct from most of the users.

Good thing I found HTC Home Gadget! Basically, it’s a simple program which you can quickly install then see it in action. It’s pretty amazing since everyone, more often than not, prefers a digital clock rather than the analog one. Also, you’d like to manually refresh the gadget as often as you want just to see its animation, coolness!

Now, the best part here is, it’s totally FREE! Go grab it now here!

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